Published Papers  

Labor and Corporate Finance
(with Paige Ouimet and Elena Simintzi)
Handbook of Corporate Finance, ed. David Denis, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2024, 647-673

When Emergency Medicine becomes a Staple Diet: Evidence from Indian banking crisis
(with Nithin Mannil and Prasanna Tantri)
Journal of Banking and Finance, 2024, Vol. 161, 107088

Working Papers  

Familiarity Breeds Contagion
(with Sumit Agarwal, Aditya Murlidharan, and Prasanna Tantri)
Conditionally accepted at the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 

Platform-based Labor Reallocation and the Heterogeneous Impact on Firms (draft available soon)
(with Abhinav Gupta and Elena Simintzi)